she can't think straight

WARNING: This isn’t fiction!

I got high the first and only day I ate out a girl. So that’s my excuse, I was high. Everyone has lesbian tendencies and high horniness gripped my hormones and did whatever it could.

I was sleeping over in my friend Leti’s room because she was sad about her boyfriend. I’m that  friend – the one you call to cry on and take advice from and blah blah. Well, the call came through after I was baked and half alive from some loud grass you could hear scream from the moon. So, the instance I got to her room, I just wanted to lie down and sleep. I didn’t hear half the things she said. I just remember nodding a lot and hugging her. Ended up sleeping with me cuddling her.

DISCLAIMER: This is a very normal thing for close girls to do without any sexual tension or whatever whatsoever. Girls are just expressive beings and we are just best friends or so she made it seem.

So as I slept for like 20 minutes and I begun to think about dick in my mouth…

Pardon my bluntness but I think that’s why we’re all reading this…. Because of bluntness.

…so yeah, dick in my mouth. I love sucking dick. I won’t even lie. I like the feeling it brings me hearing a guy moan and squirm from the pleasure I am giving him. I like making guys cum. As it turns out, my boyfriend was out of school. Fuck my life. Then I became more aware of Leti’s skin warm on mine.

Basically, I could feel her body warmth on my skin.

I whispered, ” Leti are you asleep?”

“No,” she murmured back.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked

Pause. “Ok”

I threw a literal fist in the air in my mind, my inner Aphrodite redirected. I turned and instantly my lips were on hers. They were soft and tasted like Mountain Dew which she’d downed a glass or two of earlier. My hands wandered from her face to her thigh gripping it lightly to my body and then to her torso and onto her nipples. I played around with it gently then raising her shirt up so I could kiss each nipple, now perked, waiting to be attended to.

She didn’t stop me as I went my lips and kissed her left nipple softly, trailing my tongue lightly around it. She let out a soft moan instead and instantly my panties felt like a dam had broken inside. I moved to her other breast, inching her panties down her thighs. Her hand caught mine.

“No,” she said in a faint whisper, “what are we doing?”

“I just want to make you cum,” I responded in a sultry whisper, which by the way I have never been able to pull off. And honestly, that’s all I wanted to do; make her cum.

I kissed her, whispered my intentions, kissed her again and moved back to her nipples. Her back arched as I pulled off her panties, and tossed them aside. I trailed kisses across her torso as I went for what sweet wet mess lay between her thighs. Her hand trapped my neck as I got to her navel. And she let out a low “No”.

God she wanted this. I could feel how wet she was from where my hands were. Talking about no; bitch just let me fulfil this mission, I thought as I answered, “Trust me, it’s fine”

Bitches always talking about no when they know damn well they want it. They just want to play coy.

DISCLAIMER: Guys, when a girl says no. It’s no. Irrespective of how low or loud or forceful it is. No means no. Respect that. Else it’s rape.

Mine wasn’t rape though. She conceded.

Moving on.

So I said that and went for the kill. I don’t mean to brag but my tongue is a goddess. I know this because the things I did to Leti, Lord knows!!! I didn’t know if it was right or not but I was flicking my tongue like a snake. Slight kiss and pull on the clit and continue licking. Lessons obtained from my boyfriend who is god at giving head.

Kiss, lick, slight tug with lips, lick more. It could never go wrong guys.

Word Of Advice: Guys, eat your girl’s pussy! And eat it good! Do not be scared, it doesn’t bite. And it’s the clitoris not the vagina. The little stub of ball like flesh above the vagina opening at the top (Google can explain better), that’s the clitoris, go for that. Do not bite it, it fucking hurts. And do not finger your girl like you’re trying to find treasure in her womb. A girl can cum off just your lip service alone. Thank you.

So I licked that pussy. Leti was a tropical rainforest down there. She was squirming and moaning and when I slipped one finger in her she was tighter and wetter than…well I have nothing to compare it to but it felt amazing. And I felt amazing making her feel amazing. It was great!  I was getting hornier as she was reaching her climax and it was beautiful. I felt her cuming before she started announcing it in little gasps. Her back arched further, she grabbed my braids tighter and her knees were squeezing up. Then she CAME, all moans and slight treble and tight grips.

And I was in bliss. My panties soaked to perfection. My lips tasting of Leti’s cum. Glorious.

Then as she snapped to reality. She goes, ” OMG what did we just do?”

The horror and shame in her voice snapped me back to reality.

“Oh God please don’t let me be a lesbian”, I thought. I couldn’t even say anything. I just kept repeating sorry all over again and crawled to the furthest corner of the bed. She walked off to the bathroom and when she came back she hugged me from behind and said, “it’s ok. It’s fine. I guess now we know we’re not lesbians.”

I shrugged slightly. I didn’t even know what I was. She rubbed my back and with a smile in her voice and said, “if it makes you any better,  I loved it. And I owe you one”.

And oh it did make me feel better. My head game was on fire.

I can make your girl cum! Dare me?

I said my prayers of forgiveness anyway but I don’t think God believed me but I know God loves all his children…regardless…unconditional love. I just can’t wait till the day I make her cum again. Plus oh yeah, she owes me ONE. ️