WARNING: This is non-fictional

My cousin Diana was the best and worst sort of influence any one could ever have. It’s because of her that I have this story to tell so big shouts to Diana Asare! You THOT to the highest degree.

I was in Class 6 when I overheard my cousin Diana and her friend talking. She was in JHS and three years older than me. Actually I didn’t overhear, they were talking with me right there. Diana’s friend Abba was talking about some feelings she got, looking at me with a side eye. Diana caught the drift and replied; “don’t worry she won’t understand. Just use your shower head.”

Abba with a dazzled look; “how?”

“Just make sure the pressure is high and when you’re taking a bath put it on your clitoris”

Now, I knew what the clitoris was, being the extensive reader I was, I wasn’t daft. But I didn’t understand the purpose of the shower head. And before she could even go on to explain how such a beautiful feeling it was, I had already decided I was going to figure out what feeling that was tonight.

So, that night as I was taking my bath, I adjusted the shower head so the pressure was high and concentrated around a particular group of perforated holes towards the centre of the shower head. The water was cold but warm enough. I remember this because immediately I brought it close to my vagina an icy chill shot through my lower abdomen.

What the hell! I thought.

It was…weird…shocking… A bit painful but overall amazing. I propped my leg higher on the bathroom ledge and placed the shower between my legs.

In no time my eyes were drifting close from pleasure. My free hand searched for the bathroom wall to support my weakening knees. Damn. It felt like there was fire and ice in between my legs and it was building, steadily filling my lower abdomen. My knees were turning to but I couldn’t stop. I wouldn’t. I didn’t want to. Something was building and I wanted to finish. I mean this can’t go on forever; can it?

And as if to answer me, I felt a shot of… Energy? Electricity? Power? Through my system. I felt like the sun was burning up inside me and butterflies were fluttering but at the same time flowers were blooming. My knees buckled and I struggled to stay upright as I went into a fit of trembling. I couldn’t help but smile as the trembling subsided slowly. Damn. Diana never lied. This is amazing. What was this? What? I felt good. I felt funny inside but pleased. I could feel myself radiating. I felt amazing.

I took my shower in silence and a small smile on my lips all the while thinking if I could get that again.

As I was wiping myself, I noticed my clitoris was still tender.

It felt good to rub on it. I couldn’t stand and do this again. I needed to sit. I checked the door locks again for second measure and sat on the toilet, butt naked.

I let my fingers wander over my clit. Rubbing it in response to my body. Goodness! It felt good. There was a sort of pleasure that was inexplicable. My fingers wandered to my vagina and it was soaking wet. For a moment I thought it was water till I realised it was slippery. I traced a finger back to my clit and flicked it, wet, slippery and all. It seemed the wet made it feel much better. And I rubbed faster as I felt it building in my stomach.

I was almost there I could feel it. I felt all warm and bubbly inside and just as I was about to burst open with pleasure, my legs squeezed shut, involuntarily, and I let out a little moan and a tremble. I trembled for close to half a minute, trying to find a grip on life again.

Just as I felt it all steady inside. I heard a knock on the door.

“Ah, haven’t you finished bathing?!” My cousin Kwaku asked.

“I’m done,” I said in an almost faint whisper. Cleared my throat and went again “I’m done”

But as I left the bathroom, a smile played on my 12 year old lips I wasn’t done. I don’t think I’ll ever be done soon.


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