You ever thought things would be different if there were Twitter on 6th March 1957? Me neither until I was on my timeline this morning. 

Sometimes I believe the only thing that happened in the world on 6th March, 1957 was Ghana’s Independence. I have never been able to put our Colonial Masters in this picture. It was just Ghana’s Independence and nothing else. 

Now let’s drag the past to the present. Or take the present to the past. Either will be appropriate but let’s stick to the latter. 

People will watch on TV from their homes with their smartphones fully charged; hoping there is enough electricity – Yes! It is an Nkrumah era. Smartphones again loaded with data to help them give a full commentary on Twitter, with trolls and jokes. Event organizers promoting after parties and hashtags. And we will wait to jam to DJ VYRUSKY’s 1957mix throughout the celebration and patiently wait for the total liberation of Africa; the clause to which our Independece is meaningful. 


And all social media influencers will do is punch holes and find everything wrong with Kwame Nkrumah and some will throw shade on the Nationality of his wife and how  unpatriotic it makes him. And the armchair auditors will throw on the timeline how much was spent and borrowed for the celebration. Hairline troll, accent jokes and how Ghana is not capable and ready of managing her own affairs  because they have an agenda to overthrow Nkrumah before he begins to rule just for a few cedis. This time not hundred Ghana Cedis but one million cedis.  The 1966 overthrow will start from here with a lot of tweets for LOLs and Retweets.  With hashtags championing this; #OverthrowNkrumah , #WeWantABetterLeader , #WeDontWantNkrumah . 

I’ve seen a lot of brilliant tweets in this direction but Kweku Adansi Pipim’s (@lordtee ) caught my attention and I was surprised when  his profile had “Kind of a satirist” in there. Check out his tweets; 


I’m not quite sure how to signout but Long Live Ghana. It’s quite corny but so is the celebration every year.  🇬🇭